Christ Church Amsterdam Apprentice Programme

‘The things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.’ 2 Timothy 2:2


The purpose of the Apprentice Programme is to help volunteers grow their character, calling and competencies whilst being involved in ministry at Christ Church Amsterdam.

Training and equipping people to enter into ministry such that they can share the gospel in both word and deed is a feature of any church. It has been a strong and prevalent feature of Christ Church Amsterdam’s ministry, with some people moving on to further theological training and to take orders in the Anglican church.

Use your gifts

However not all people are called to full-time ordained leading, teaching and pastoral ministries. We encourage all church members to use their gifts in God’s service so that Christ may be glorified. The Apprentice Programme provides an opportunity for those who know and love the Lord Jesus to be involved in ministry, discover and develop their gifts and competencies, reflect on how God is calling them to Him in the medium term, and grow a more Christ-like character in a more intense and intentional manner than is possible as just a regular church member.


For many years churches such as Christ Church Amsterdam have ministered using a combination of full-time stipendiary ministry with help from volunteers which varies from a few hours per week to virtually full-time. The Apprentice Programme means that ministers focus more of their attention on just a few people who can commit to giving at least 3 days a week to church ministry. Part-time involvement allows the apprentice to fund him or herself through the apprenticeship. If the apprentice has alternative funding they can be on the programme full-time.

Part of the staff team

Apprentices are part of the staff team focussing on doing day-to-day ministry. However apprentices are not cheap-labour. They are there to be trained, coached and mentored so that they use a year to discover how to combine their Christian calling with their vocational skills.

When can you be an apprentice?

Apprentices could be in any stage of life:

  • There are many people in their early twenties who are exploring what to do with their lives
  • Existing church members who have experience already in Amsterdam
  • Professional people are often looking for a career break to do something different
  • Older people may be reasonably financially secure, and are active and available for ministry.

What are some characteristics of an apprentice?

  • You will be a Christian who has had the opportunity already to receive sound teaching, or some formal theological study.
  • You will have had some practical experience in ministry so that you are beginning to be aware of your vocation.
  • You will demonstrate a level of maturity such that you will be able to add to the existing ministry.
  • You will be faithful, available and teachable.
  • You will be willing to adjust to our intercultural context.

Why would you want to do this?

  • Developing your calling answers probably the biggest questions you will face in life: What am I here for? What I am going to do with my life? The programme helps you to ‘take hold of the life that really is life’ (2 Tim 6:19) as you discover God’s intentions for your life.
  • Developing character: most employers are not interested in developing who you are – they simply want you to get a job done with the minimum of cost. The programme reflects that Jesus loves you and wants you to ‘be transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory’ (2 Cor 3:18).
  • Developing your competencies: intensive on-the-job training allows you to grow in your experience of ministry, use your gifts and develop your skills. Ministry provides opportunities for reflection so that you learn how to learn as you go through life.
  • We offer the opportunity to work in a unique multi-cultural setting, involving over 30 nationalities. We are also a socially diverse church. By being involved with the staff of Christ Church you will experience an open relational way of working.
  • We offer a unique learning experience in the Netherlands: we are Anglican, English speaking, drawing on the recent developments of Mission Shaped Church and Fresh Expressions in the Church of England, working in both the centre of old Amsterdam and a new church in South Amsterdam, in an evangelical context.
  • We offer formal theological training through our mission partner Tyndale Theological Seminary. Reading lists for private study are available. This training and learning would be in addition to the existing 3 days a week within Christ Church.
  • We work in a structured programme: fortnightly staff meetings provide the main context for prayer, reflection and supervision, supplemented by one-to-one supervision. You will be encouraged to connect with a more mature Christian who will mentor you. You will review your ministry monthly.

What will the training involve?

Developing Calling, Character, and Competency:

  • Calling Biblical reflection on what it means to be a Christian and agreeing a personal vision and development plan on what is to be achieved during the apprenticeship. Identifying possibilities for future ministry.
  • Character Developing self-awareness, exposing blind spots, biblical reflection and feedback on success and failures in ministry, managing relationships, developing prayer life and ministry as a lifestyle, getting the balance between rest and work.
  • Competencies Training others; leadership and taking responsibility; learning delegation; Developing competencies according to gifting and calling (apostle, evangelist, prophet, teacher and pastor).

What about money?

In principle the volunteers will be responsible for providing funding for their work. These are the possibilities for fundraising:

  • Raising your own funding from personal support networks.
  • Seeking support from various churches that you have been a part of in the past.
  • Work part-time to pay for your basic living costs.

How much time would a volunteer give?

A minimum of two days per week plus Sunday. Every two weeks the volunteer would attend a staff team meeting (from 10:00 to 15:00). Work tasks would be based on the number of days available, from between 3 and 5 days per week, to a maximum of 36 hours a week. The volunteer would be expected to take six weeks holiday per year.

What will you do?

Each of the following areas are possible areas for ministry. Each apprentice will develop a personal vision and development plan which could include work in the following areas:

  • General Administration: including website updating and development, bulletin, publicity design and production.
  • Music Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Evangelism (for example: Alpha, The Bridge, Serve the City)
  • Small group leadership
  • (International) Student Ministry
  • Pastoral Care
  • Leading services of worship
  • Preaching and Teaching ministry

Contact us

Please contact us if you would like more information of if you want to apply for the apprentice program.

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