Vision and Values

Our Vision
Our vision is to make disciples of Christ in Amsterdam from all nations. We seek to do this by building congregations that grow healthy relationships with God, with each other and with our neighbours. We have existed for 300 years in the city centre and have contributed towards growing other churches around the Netherlands through the centuries.

In the early 1990s Christ Church Heiloo began as a separate congregation and has had it’s own minister since 2006. In 2004 Anglican Airport Ministry was established to serve the 44 million passengers that pass through Schiphol every year. In December 2006 we started a new congregation in South to allow further growth and overcome the restrictions of the relatively small City building. This now has an attendance of around 50-70 people, including children.

In 2011 we started a new congregation in Amsterdam Zuidoost, which is the immigrant gateway of Amsterdam. This has a congregation of between 20-30 people, who are mainly from an African background.

As we grow we seek to plant further congregations in and around the city of Amsterdam. Our congregations are enriched by the various ministries church members are involved in with our various mission partners.

Our Values
Every year the Council re-evaluates our vision and identifies the strengths and ‘things that we hold dear’ in our community. These values are what makes us who we are as the body of Christ in Amsterdam.

  • Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, bible-fed, gospel-living, kingdom-coming.
  • International, multicultural and socially diverse.
  • Family and community orientated.
  • Strengths of traditional Anglican, with contemporary relevance.
  • Welcoming, wanting people to find a home here, hospitable and open.
  • Mission orientated: we want and expect people to come to faith.
  • Rooted in & serving the community in and around Amsterdam.

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